Cancellations & Modifications

Updated: May 2024


As stated in our Terms of Use and our Right of Withdrawal Policy, under applicable law, consumers based in the EU, EEA and UK have a right to withdraw from or cancel certain online purchases for a refund.  The right of withdrawal or cancellation (hereinafter jointly referred to as "right of withdrawal") allows EU/EEA/UK consumers to withdraw from their purchase of physical goods within 14 days from receipt of delivery and to return their purchase in exchange for a refund. 

Separately, and without restricting the EU/EEA/UK right of withdrawal, Fruugo voluntarily offers a return period to all customers worldwide (see our Returns page). 

Please note, in most cases it is not possible to cancel an order before dispatch as the fulfilment process begins immediately for most orders (exceptions such as for products with lead-times apply).

If you wish to withdraw from your purchase, please review the Right of Withdrawal Policy and visit our Interactive Help Centre.  

Please note that refusing delivery of an order is not a valid method of withdrawal. The cost of return postage will be deducted from your refund if you refuse to take delivery of an order. 


In some cases it may be possible to make basic modifications to your order, only if it has not yet been confirmed or shipped by a retailer. Basic modifications would include changing the size or colour of an item, or making a minor update to a delivery address. It is not possible to change one item to another where the value is different, or to change the delivery address entirely from one address to another.

If you wish to try to amend your order

  1. Visit our Help Centre (by clicking back a page) and answering some quick interactive questions. 

If they are not able to modify your order, for example if your order has already been shipped, then you’ll need to wait for the delivery and return the goods using the information in the Returns, Refunds and Exchanges FAQ. 

If the delivery address you entered was incorrect and you have been unable to update it then please click here for more information.